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Juice Plus+®

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Monthly Access to the Juice Plus+ Wellness App.  

The ultimate at home workout app that will help you reach your fitness and wellness goals.  

Select from personalised workout options lasting 17, 29, or 42 minutes, led by an expert instructor. You’ll also get a curated music playlist to keep you motivated. 

For those who thrive on a bit of friendly competition, join the workout leaderboard and be part of the action. 


Choice of workouts customised to your fitness goals:  

Build: Slow paced, heavy lifting strength workouts  

Balance: Medium paced, core mobility Pilates workouts  

Burn: Fast paced, light lifting cardio workouts  

Workouts can be complete with or without dumbbells.  


Additional features:  

Challenges: Complete access to all fitness challenges, team challenges and leaderboards.

Meal Planner: Personalised meals that suit your specific fitness goals and dietary preferences.

Wellness Webinars: Each week, you’ll receive exclusive entry to a wellness webinar led by an industry expert 

Progress Tracking: Receive personalised targets, milestones and progress reports.

Workout with a Friend: Everyone receives their own customised workout, but you can train with your friend. Motivating and supporting each other on your wellness journey.

Supportive Community: Be supported and guided with the wonderful Juice Plus+ Wellness Warriors  


Please note: After purchasing your subscription, you will receive an email with an activation link for your account.  

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*Payment is per month.

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